Our Approach

At Auto Capital 1 we strive to make your used car buying experience as simple and painless as possible. We buy vehicles at multiple events including Direct Contact Brokers, Auctions, and Vehicle Buyer Clubs.

We can either sell you a car from inventory or go find it for you all at a price you can afford. This sets us apart from other sellers. making your buying experience enjoyable.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning.  Auto Capital 1 started as a way to help Friends and Family and became a way for us to help others with the car buying experience. If its a new car you're looking for, we can help direct you to our contacts that we trust for a new car.  But, if it's a used car your looking for, let us help you!

Next Steps...

Go to our contact page and send us an email and tell us what your looking to do or if you would like to call us at 480.656.9819